Quantum Entanglement

Stasia is the co-owner of Love Saves the Day, a shop in New Hope, Pennsylvania, specializing in vintage clothing, toys and novelties.


“There is a show I was working with that is getting ready to go to Broadway called ‘Always… Patsy.’ It is a show about Patsy Cline’s life,” Stasia explains. “I happened to be travelling to Winchester, Virginia, which is where Patsy Cline was born and raised. One of the things on my bucket list was to go to her house and smoke a cigarette, and that is what I did. I sat out on her porch and smoked a cigarette. I ended up buying like 100 authentic 1940s-1960s yoke shirts at estate sales and thrift stores down there. When I got back, the woman from the show contacted me and goes, ‘You’re never going to believe this, but I am doing a Patsy Cline show.’ Total quantum entanglement, I sold almost all of the yoke shirts to her show. She used them and the show is now going to Broadway in 2017 or 2018. This is one of the shirts that the show did not take, because I took it for my personal collection.”
“There was a bunch of thrift stores down there and I went into one and there was a picture of Patsy Cline behind the counter, signed to them,” she says. “The woman behind the counter told me, ‘My brother used to hang out with her. He was her friend. Back in the day, they would sit on her porch and smoke cigarettes and play piano.’ Everyone I talked to down there all had their Patsy story… the town legend. So anyway, this was from that shop. It is a real Sears and Roebuck and was all hand-done. I fell in love with it. You can’t waste something this beautiful. It needs to be appreciated.”

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