Brian is the owner of Old’s Cool, an antique and toy shop in Rocky Mount, Virginia. After serving in the Navy for 20 years, he returned to Virginia to open up shop and surround himself with his passion.
“When you grow up here for 20 years, then move north, it is a different world,” Brian explains. “When I was in the Navy, I moved up to Connecticut where I was stationed. I was dating a girl who grew up in that area. When I brought her down here, she was in culture shock. The straw that broke the camel’s back with this was the fact that down here you’ll see that people just wave to each other, and people that drive by will wave, and the typical old folks on the front porch will wave as you drive by, and I got back in the habit of doing that. She was with me and said something along the lines of, ‘Who was that?’ I was like, ‘I don’t know. What difference does it make?’ She asked why I waved. To be friendly, I told her. She asked why I would take the time to be friendly and I asked her why would you not take that time. Our mindsets were 180 degrees out.”


“I say I’m am a toy collector, but I’ve narrowed my hobby down to just toy vans,” Brian says. “I’m a van fanatic. I especially like to sell toys because you can see people’s faces, and 99.9% of them it’s all smiles and ‘I had that’ or “I always wanted that.’ I do well at Christmas time when a husband and wife will come and she will say, ‘Oh my, there’s that Barbie house I wanted when I was seven,’ and then boom, he comes back later saying, ‘I have to get that for my wife. She will love it.’ This one in particular did that and he brought in photos of her opening it up for me to see and her eyes were all big. It brings me joy to see that.”

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